Terms and Conditions

LUT University’s (business ID 0245904-2) (hereinafter “Retailer”) online store LUTShop
(hereinafter “LUTShop”) provides registered and unregistered customers (hereinafter
“Customer”) the possibility to order products, publications and services. These terms of
service, including specifications in product descriptions, (hereinafter Terms of service) apply
to transactions between LUT University and Customers through LUTShop. By sending an
order form, the Customer agrees to be bound by these Terms of service in the form in
which they were when the form was sent.

Retailer’s contact information
Postal address:
Visiting address:
Yliopistonkatu 34, FI-53850 Lappeenranta
Email: lut.shop(@)lut.fi
Business ID: 0245904-2

1. Registration and personal data
Customer identification in LUTShop takes place by registration or with LUT University’s
user account if the Customer has one. Registering in LUTShop is free of charge and
optional. Also unregistered Customers may place orders. Customers who register fill out
their contact details and choose a personal password for their user account. The
Customer’s email address is the username. Those who have an LUT University user account
do not need to register. They use the same username and password as in the university’s
logon system.
The Customer is liable for all use of his or her username and password and for possibly
ensuing expenses or payments.
The Customer must provide all the information necessary for the use of the online store.
The Retailer is entitled to process the Customer’s personal data in accordance with the
Finnish Personal Data Act and other legislation. The Customer’s data is saved in the online

store’s customer data file. The Retailer will not disclose the Customer’s personal data to
third parties for direct advertising, distance sales or other direct marketing. The Customer’s
data is removed from the customer data file when it is no longer needed. More details in
the privacy notice.

2. Ordering
Products are ordered online at lutshop.lut.fi through the shopping cart. All orders are
confirmed with an email indicating the price and products ordered. To receive an email
confirmation, the Customer needs to give an email address when placing an order. When
placing any order, the Customer agrees to all of LUTShop’s Terms of service in force and
the special terms and conditions that apply to the products the Customer orders.

3. Payment
Products are paid for when placing an order. Online payments are made through a secure
connection. The payment gateway is Paytrail Oyj (2122839-7) in collaboration with Finnish
banks and credit institutions. Paytrail Oyj will be the payment recipient on the Customer’s
bank statement or credit card bill and will transfer the payment to the Retailer. Paytrail Oyj
has authorisation as a payment institution. Complaints should primarily be made to the
supplier of the product.
Paytrail Oyj, business ID: 2122839-7
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä
The service includes the payment gateways of Finnish banks, the card payment service of
Nets Oy (Visa and MasterCard), and MobilePay.

4. Prices and value added tax
The price of an online order is the price listed in the online store at the moment the order is
placed. All rights to price changes are reserved. All prices are in euros (EUR). The product
prices presented in the online store include the prevailing value added tax.
A delivery fee may be added depending on the order, and it will be displayed before the
Customer confirms the order.

5. Delivery mode and time
The Customer may collect the product from an LUTShop collection point, or the product
can be delivered to the Customer by mail. The collection point is mentioned in the product
If the product is in our warehouse, the estimated delivery time is three to seven (3–7)
working days. However, the delivery time for some products may be seven to fourteen (7–
14) working days.
If the Customer purchases several products for which LUTShop has announced differing
delivery times, the longer delivery time will apply.
We will not deliver products beyond Finland.

6. Return, exchange and product defect policy
Under the Finnish Consumer Protection Act, Customers have a 14-day right to return or
exchange a product. The right of exchange or return starts when the Customer receives the
product, publication or service. We will not take back products after 14 days have elapsed
since their delivery. Products returned or exchanged should be in their original package and
in the condition in which they were delivered to the Customer. All expenses ensuing from
the return/exchange will be paid by the Customer unless there is a clear error through fault
of the Retailer.
Customers must inform LUT of product errors within a reasonable time of having noticed
the error or from when the error should have been noticed. LUTShop will compensate for
the error without cost primarily by replacing the product with a flawless one. If this is not
possible, LUT will refund the price paid by the Customer to the account given by the
Customer when LUT has received the defective product back from the Customer.
Product returns must always be agreed on separately with the Retailer. The Customer
should contact the Retailer before returning a product.

7. Maintenance, usability and errors of service
The Retailer does its best to provide uninterrupted and error-free service in the online
store. The Retailer has the right to interrupt the online store’s service for technical reasons

in order to make changes or renew the store, because of telecommunications network
maintenance, instalment or service work, or if legislation or orders by authorities so require.
The aim is to schedule service breaks so as not to inconvenience Customers excessively.
The Retailer is not liable for mistakes due to third-party telecommunications connections or
other telecommunications-related service interruptions or errors in such services. The
Retailer is not liable for errors resulting from the Customer using the online store in
violation of guidelines or orders or otherwise resulting from the Customer’s actions.

8. Data protection
Privacy in the online store is ensured with the SSL protocol. Customers are responsible for
the appropriate data protection of their own information systems. The Retailer keeps all
data on Customers or sent by Customers confidential. The Retailer arranges the data
protection of its online store in an appropriate and efficient way and applies suitable
technical solutions to prevent unauthorised parties from accessing its information systems.

9. Devices, software and connections
The Customer is responsible for the acquisition, functionality, and costs of devices,
software and network connections needed for using the online store. The Customer is not
allowed to disturb or otherwise impede the operation of the online store or other network

10. Liability for damages
The Retailer is only liable for direct damages it has negligently caused through a breach of
contract. If it can be stated that the Retailer has made an error, unduly collected charges
may be refunded to the Customer.
The Retailer is not liable for any indirect or direct compensations due to disturbances or
errors referred to in section 6.

11. Force majeure
A force majeure releases the Retailer from any liabilities related to the online store if the
force majeure prevents or unreasonably disturbs operations related to the online store. A
force majeure may be a fire, earthquake, flood, explosion, strike or other work stoppage,
order issued by authorities, interruption in energy supply, raw material shortage, cable or

other telecommunications disturbance caused by a third party, or a similar reason that
could not be foreseen and prepared for within reason. The Retailer will announce any force
majeures on the online store’s site after they have occurred and if announcing them is

12. Changes to Terms of service
The Retailer reserves the right to change these Terms of service of the online store after
announcing the changes in the online store well before they enter into force.

13. Dispute resolution
Parties involved in possible contractual disputes should primarily seek resolution through
mutual negotiations. Regarding all problems related to this agreement and products delivered
based on it, Customers should primarily contact the LUTShop customer service at lut.shop(@)lut.fi.
The Customer also has the right to bring the matter before the Consumer Disputes Board.
If no resolution is reached, the matter should be brought before a Finnish district court in
accordance with Finnish legislation.