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MOVEO Lappeenranta student membership for the autumn semester 2023 (20.11.2023-31.1.2024). Membership includes use of the gym, ball games and group exercise classes in Lappeenranta. Group exercise classes and ball games are on break for weeks 51-1.

After purchasing the membership, the access rights are automatically updated for the students of LUT University and LAB University of Applied Sciences within 1-3 working days of the purchase.

NOTE! The gym is closed from 18.12.2023 to 7.1.2024 due to maintenance work.

Please enter your passkey number in the space provided to expedite processing.

Membership is valid until the end of January 2024 (31.1.2024).

ATTENTION! Booking group exercise classes and sports hall shifts is made in

Please note that the service is for LUT University and LAB University of applied sciences students only! We will not refund your payment even if you are not eligible to purchase the product

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