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The SIGG Traveller MyPlanet water bottle is an ecological choice for travel and everyday activities. Made in Switzerland from durable and high-quality recycled aluminum, this bottle features a sophisticated design and is entirely recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly option. Its tight screw cap prevents leaks and keeps beverages fresh. The SIGG Traveller MyPlanet water bottle is the perfect choice for those who value both functionality and environmental friendliness. The bottle is completely leak-proof even with carbonated drinks and when turned upside down. It contains no harmful substances such as BPA, EA, or phthalates. Its elastic and multi-layered EcoCareĀ® inner surface withstands tough conditions and adapts to bumps. Additionally, the inner surface is completely taste and odor neutral. You can fill the bottle with juices, dairy products, or citrus products; after washing, there will be no lingering odors or flavors, and water will always taste as fresh as it should.

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